Video is an important part of your wedding day and the best way to capture those wonderful moments is by hiring an experienced video production company. Here is a top 10 list of things to include in your wedding video.

Here is a list of top 10 “must-haves” in your wedding video.

1. The bride and groom getting ready. This could be a quick walk from the car, or it could be hours of getting all dressed up. Whichever you choose, make sure you can show it off!

2. The walk down the aisle. Everyone wants to see the new couple begin their new life together. On your special day, most people on both sides of the isle will be a blur so better get that on the video to refer back to later.

3. The ceremony. Arguably the most important part of the video. You must have your vows of love and loyalty in your wedding video. This is where everyone gets to see their families support their union.

4. The first dance. Another wedding video must-have.

5. The bride and groom dance with their parents. Bring out the best in them by bringing them into your celebration!

6. Speeches from the wedding party. Don’t let your best friend’s speech they worked so hard on just live for one day, include it in the video.

7. The cake cutting. Cake doesn’t last forever but cake on video, however…

8. The reception party. These are important moments to remember when you look back on your wedding video as well as being good conversation starters at future parties that extend out way past one wedding reception!

9. Your aunt’s dance moves. Might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture this moment.

10. The new couple leaving in limo, horseback, ect. However you decide to leave the wedding party make sure to voice all your wants to the videographers and photographers so no moments are missed.