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“To love is to feel loved.”

Why Choose Us?

When you walk down the road, you will remember every laughter, tear, and joy. That is what we do! We capture your greatest moments and tell your story so that memories become more than just a thought.

“To love is to feel loved.”

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We know that price is super important when you’re booking your vendors. So, we try to be as transparent as possible about our pricing.

We want you to make the right decision when investing in your visual art. Pricing varies per client upon the location, service, and length of the video or photography. Most of our client’s photography investments range from $600 – $3,000.

For videography, the price ranges from $1,500.00 – $8,000.00. To reserve your date, we require a deposit to ensure that we are fully committed to you. We understand life happens and in case of an emergency, we do allow your deposit to transfer to a different day within 12 months of the original date.

For a full price breakdown, please reach out with your event details. We’d love to meet and start planning!